NZD 136.00

Description: 245/35R19 81T

NZD 191.00

Description: 285/50R20 UHP tyre

NZD 125.00

Description: 265/65R17 All Terrain tyre

NZD 207.00

Description: LT 245/75R16 Mud Tyre

NZD 138.00

Description: 235/70R16 SUV tyre

NZD 151.00

Description: 255/45R18 Tyre  Excludes fitting

NZD 172.00

Description: 31/10.5R15 All terrain tyre

NZD 97.00

Description: 215/45R17 tyre

NZD 0.00

Description: 265/70R17 Mud tyre. Aggressive tread pattern and side wall.¬†…

NZD 300.00

taxi barrier, Uber barrier.

NZD 99.00

Description: 195R15C commercial tyre

NZD 79.00

Description: 195/65R15 single tyre, requires fitting and balancing

NZD 79.00

196/60R15 single tyre, requires fitting and balancing.

NZD 250.00

Can pulse interphase for connecting taxi meter.

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