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    We use quality service products including Fram and Fuchs

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Tyre and wheel

We offer some great pricing on tyre's as well as tyre and wheel packages for most make and models.

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Your brakes are an essential component stopping you safely

We can help Check / Repair / Replace your brakes to make sure your car is stopping safely.

Our site

Our site contains separate mechanical and electrical workshop's with tyre bay. 

Hybrid repair and service

Flexible service options

We provide flexible service options for all makes and models. 

  • Small vehicle service's from $89
  • Hybrid service's from $99
  • European Car service's from $140
  • Commercial diesel service's from $160
Automotive Repairs

Need repairs ?   We can help

We offer full repairs service including fault diagnosis

Tyre and wheel shop

We offer some of the best value tyre prices in town for most makes and models. Whether you need tyre on your car / van / suv / or ute we can help.  We also offer our trade pricing on all full tyre set's giving you the best possible value 

Expert fleet service

With over 20 year's experience with fleet automotive service and repairs we have the skills and necessary experience to provide expert service planing. This insures long term reliability and lower operation cost with reduced down time. Buy maintaining fleet vehicles correctly, vehicles last longer. This provides substantial savings as vehicles are required to be replaced less often. 

Services in store

  • Oil change, to full car service
  • Battery testing and replacement
  • Alternator, starter motor and electrical system repairs and replacements
  • Mechanical and electric water pump fault diagnosis and replacement
  • Car tyres, SUV tyres, Van tyres inc commercial, $WD MT & AT tyres
  • Aftermarket wheel supply and fitment
  • Clutch replacement 
  • Cambelt, serpentine, fan belt replacement
  • Spark plug, Glow plug replacement
  • Radiator and cooling system repairs and replacements
  • Wheel bearings, CV joints, Ball joints, tie rod ends
  • Suspension bushes, shocks struts
  • Brake pads and rotors, brake shoes and drums
    • ‌Brake adjustment, bleeding including hybrid and electric cars
Why you wait services

  • ‌Key remote battery replacement
    • Windscreen wiper arm replacement
    • Passenger car puncture repair‌

Using the highest quality service parts available

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